Quality Characteristics

We implement the Integrated Crop Management system of cultivations, which is applied according to the national AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 AGROCERT standards and relates to the certification of the agricultural production system.

Integrated Crop Management means the best combination of methods against the enemies and diseases of cultivations, with the purpose of producing safe products for consumers.

One of the primary principles of Integrated Crop Management is the minimisation of inputs, meaning plant medications and fertilizers, in order to achieve the most cost-effectjve result with least possible impact on the environment.

Origin: Laconia, Greece. C.D. Favvas family farms

Variety: Superb and rare Athinoelia olives, no blend

Harvest: Early harvest

Extraction: Cold

Acidity: ≤0.3 (during production)

K232: 1,577

K270: 0.124

Peroxides: 6.7 meqO2/kg

ΔK: -0.002

Waxes (ppm): 20

Tasting notes: well balanced bitterness, pepper and fruit

Volume: 500ml