This is how our family's story begins

The smell of my mum's homemade bread and the rich flavour of extra virgin olive oil. The satisfaction and gratitude around the table. My father's words... Hard work pays off. Once again, we are blessed with this oil!

This is the excitement of the first extra virgin olive oil of the year, as I remember it as a child. Every year I was able to see the effort, the devotion and love from my family to the olive trees. It was a relationship of respect and patience.

My parents were right· every olive tree has its own tale. That's why OLIVE TALE includes the uniqueness of each Athinoelia olive tree of C.D Favvas family. This tale is the reason I invite you to this tasteful journey, bringing OLIVE TALE to your table.

Enjoy it with all your senses!
Evanthia C Favva